Footfall counting and retail analytics software

Get more than 95% accurate footfall counting and demographic data with your existing CCTV camera

Make the most of in-store traffic data to increase conversion rates.

Improved Store Performance

Understand footfall data to better optimize staff allocation,manage inventory and make instant operational changes

Increased Marketing Effectiveness

Boost ROI by monitoring and comparing the success of different campaigns across different categories and stores

Enhanced Customer Experience

Gain deeper insights to identify the frictions within the stores and rectify them to provide frictionless customer experience

Existing CCTV working as Footfall counting system


  • Demographic analytics
  • Works even without internet
  • Supports existing CCTV camera ( try your video )
  • Staff vs Customer differentiation
  • Cloud based reporting
  • Loyalty customer alerts

A leading luxury goods retail chain has boosted store performance by 11%
by upgrading the existing cameras to AI driven footfall counter

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